Companion Collection - Both the Collectors Edition Tarot and Angel Decks

Wyzard of Odd

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Special combination of both of the All New Collection Editions of the 10th Anniversary Edition Tarot Deck & the Deus Angelis Angel Oracle Deck.

The Tarot Deck is rooted firmly in traditional Tarot so it is an ideal deck for an experienced reader. With a number of additional divination tools, there are many ways to add extra dimensions to a regular reading. There are planetary and elemental associations; Hebrew letters and key words; the musical key for each card as well as a musical sequence of notes that represents the essence of the card; runes, planetary squares for sigil construction; geomantic figures and the enigmatic odu ifa meji odus.

This Angel Oracle is a great stand alone Divination tool. It also is a wonderful companion to the Wyzard of Odd Tarot. Each of the 72 Angels has a tarot correspondence as well as astrological and planetary correspondences, invoking times and psalms, God names, and angelic seals.

What's Included...

  • 1 Collectors Edition 10th Anniversary Tarot Deck in a gold foil encrusted, hard case box
  • 1 Collectors Edition Angel Oracle Deck in a silver foil encrusted, hard case box
  • 1 Tarot Deck 100 Page Manual
  • 1 Angel Oracle Deck 100 Page Manual
  • The Tarot Deck comes on premium card stock with gold foil edges
  • The Angel Deck comes on premium card stock with silver foil edges

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Category: tarot, tarot deck

Type: Tarot Cards

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