Signed & Numbered Collectors Edition Deus Angelis Angel Oracle Deck

Wyzard of Odd

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!!! LIMITED RUN - 1 of 50 Signed & Numbered Decks ONLY !!!

This Angel Oracle is a great stand alone Divination tool. It also is a wonderful companion to the Wyzard of Odd Tarot. Each of the 72 Angels has a tarot correspondence as well as astrological and planetary correspondences, invoking times and psalms, God names, and angelic seals.

Created by contacting each angel, one a day, for 72 days. Just like the Fool's journey of the tarot, this journey takes you through the beautiful angelic world.
Many of the readings from other angel oracles tend to be on the warm and fuzzy side. These angels tell you what you really need to know, pleasant or not. They are a huge dose of angelic TRUTH. A rare commodity indeed.

Angels are with us all the time, eager to help us and guide us.

We remember to cry out when we’re in pain or crisis or in the steely grip of fear in all its insidious forms. But we forget to tune in when life rolls on and everything seems fine. So the hope is these cards can be a tool keep your awareness of your spiritual connection alive and vibrant all the time. To be able to swim in the love and light available at all times, would be blissful indeed.

Invite them in. You'll want them to stay awhile.

Here's What You'll Find on the Cards:

The name of the Angel
The attribute of the Angel
The psalm used to contact the Angel
The choir of the Angel
The three letter Name of God
The English Name of God
The Latin Name of God
The tarot correspondence
The planetary association
The astrological sign and the degrees of it’s influence
The elemental symbol
And the Angelic Seal for talismans
The working from the 6&7th Books of Moses
The days ruled by each Angel

What's Included...

  • This Collectors Edition comes in a silver foil encrusted, hard case box
  • 100 Page Manual
  • The deck comes on premium card stock with silver foil edges
  • This limited run will be signed by the artist and numbered - ONLY 50 of these will be made

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