10th Anniversary Collectors Edition Tarot Deck

Wyzard of Odd

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It is rooted firmly in traditional Tarot so it is an ideal deck for an experienced reader. With a number of additional divination tools, there are many ways to add extra dimensions to a regular reading. There are planetary and elemental associations; Hebrew letters and key words; the musical key for each card as well as a musical sequence of notes that represents the essence of the card; runes, planetary squares for sigil construction; geomantic figures and the enigmatic odu ifa meji odus.

You can approach a question from many different angles and add detail to your Tarot reading you won't find anywhere else.

It's a unique adaptation and one I've found very useful. For the novice reader, the list of key words on the side of the cards make them a useful tool right out of the box on the very first reading. Its practicality is matched by the richness of the art.

The artwork is unique. Created using photographs of the archetypes materialized in incense smoke, they capture an essence of the card meaning that is felt in a deep, visceral way. The images stay with you and provide opportunities for the reader to participate in the images and find new discoveries in each viewing.

They are personal doorways.

It's a brand new way of looking at age old concepts. The deck will be supported with a guidebook with card meanings and intros into the different divination systems. The Wyzard of Odd Tarot Deck will be followed by an expanded hardcover, color coffee table book with copy and pictures.

The Extra Goodies:

80 Cards
3 Magus Cards
Geomantic Figures
The 16 Ifa Meji Odus
Planetary Squares for sigil construction
Key Words
Hebrew Letters with root meanings
Elemental Signs
Planetary Rulers
Astrological Symbols
God Names
Musical Sequences

What's Included...

  • This Collectors Edition comes in a gold foil encrusted, hard case box
  • 100 Page Manual
  • The deck comes on premium card stock with gold foil edges

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